Understand the purpose of foot rails

Handrails are very common today in bars. They are used at home or in commercial bars. They are accessories that make your feet comfortable and can make any bar look classy.

Aside from their aesthetic sense, handrails serve a purpose. By name alone, it is intended to provide comfort to the feet, whether a person is standing or sitting in a chair. It can be quite tiring to stand with both feet on the ground, but with a handrail in place, you can stand with the other feet elevated for comfort.

Foot rails can also be added to trucks. To be successful in the installation process, you must get the proper measurement and read the instructions well. Holes will also need to be drilled in the truck body or chassis to hold the rails with screws. The purpose of the foot rails on trucks is to serve as a resting place for the feet. It also makes for a unique look.

It is surprising how the plain tube has become a more functional accessory. Without this material, the bar could have remained simple and drab. The fact is that foot rails are available today in different materials, which means that you can combine them with the theme of your interior space.

Wood is a popular and classic choice, but other materials have evolved to give people more options. There is the metal handrail that has become a preferred option these days. It can be made of stainless steel, aluminum or brass. The brass rail evokes an elegant look due to its yellow finish that resembles the color of gold. Finishes also vary, such as polished copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, satin stainless steel, satin nickel, and powder coated colors.

The foot rails do not need to be in a straight line all the time. With so many companies making this device today, customization is the current trend. Some can expertly bend and miter foot rail tubes to fit any bar size, especially those with corners. The foot rails can also be ordered in specific lengths for people who want to install the accessory on their own.

Other components are required to complete any handrail project. These are the end caps, recessed accessories, cable ties, and post and floor brackets.

End caps complete the look of the foot rails. They can be flat, round or decorative according to your preference. This component is easy to install, you just need to slide it onto the end of the tube. But you can use strong glue to keep it secure.

Rail foot brackets also come in different types. The combination type is one that can be mounted on the floor and on the bar itself. These are secured with the screws. For a toe rail, you will need several brackets that need to be positioned six inches from the end of the tube or at least three brackets for an eight-foot rail.

Preparation is key to installing a great handrail. This ensures that the measurements and their materials are correct.

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