The 5 most common problems experienced by British people in Spain

There are many destinations in the world to choose from. One of the fascinating countries to visit is Spain. This diverse country is a favorite tourist destination for various people around the world. The British, for example, love to travel to Spain because it is in Europe and has a rich history, rich culture, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife and friendly constituents.

Spain, however, is not perfect. You have a lot of problems, especially when it comes to your safety and security. Barcelona, ​​for example, is considered a hot spot for pickpockets and thieves. In fact, a recent report by shows that British tourists on holiday in Spain were more likely to lose their phones or suffer from food poisoning.

Of the 8,000 visitors, they asked, one in four visits by Britons involved a problem, including loss of money, food poisoning or stolen phones. These are the main problems that the British encounter in Spain.

one. street pickpockets

The chances of thieves stealing your cell phone, wallet, and bag are high in Spain, particularly in Barcelona. There are many ways to attract pickpockets in the area, such as struggling with heavy luggage, looking lost, carrying handbags, carrying a map, or focusing on the tourist spots and not your belongings.

Pickpockets abound on busy streets and in tourist destinations, making the country a risk to travel. So, if you are going to travel to Spain, make sure you take extra care of your things. Don’t show off your devices, phones or gadgets. Lastly, make sure you have valid and reliable travel insurance. This insurance will assume or cover lost or stolen items.

2. Crimes

There is a high crime rate in Spain, just like in other countries. However, most of the crimes committed are minor, such as snatching, theft, pickpocketing, occasional hold-ups and violent attacks.

Travelers can reduce the chance of becoming a victim by being cautious when walking on the streets, especially in busy tourist spots and train stations. Also, you should keep extra money, passports and credit cards in hotel safes. Go out and explore the city with just the essentials: your cell phone, a little cash, and a camera.

Lastly, never leave your valuables unattended at any time. Tourists are favorite targets for criminals because they know you have cash. So being careful is a must in Spain.

3. Heat and Climate

Spain can be very hot and humid. For older adults and young children, it is important to stay hydrated and ventilated. Avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time. Also, make sure to rest between turns to regain your strength.

Heat stroke is a dangerous condition that can lead to potentially fatal complications. Therefore, it is important to prevent your temperature from getting too high. Bring water, towels and soft drinks during the tours.

4. Scams of all kinds

When you say fraud, Spain has them of all kinds. Tourists, like pickpockets, are favorite targets for scammers because they are gullible and easy to persuade. It is imperative to remain alert and aware at all times, especially when you are shopping or shopping for merchandise.

You can be a victim of scams without even knowing it. Scammers are everywhere, from taxis and restaurants to local stores and the streets. Make sure you are safe and have access to help when the need arises. Before going to Spain, you must have valid single trip travel insurance or annual travel insurance.

5. Terrorism

In recent years, Spain has been the target of terrorist attacks. Well, many other countries in Europe are also targets. To avoid being a victim, be very careful and avoid crowded places. Avoid walking alone at night and always register your name with the embassy before setting out on your itinerary.

Also, be informed of government-issued travel risks. If they say it’s not safe, then don’t proceed with the travel plan. Better to be safe than sorry in the end.

Spain is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer. Although it is not perfect and its reputation among pickpockets and thieves is widely known throughout the world, there are many more wonderful things that make the country unique and one of the best options to stay during vacations.

Choose travel insurance that makes you feel safe and secure. Choose the best travel insurance policy that suits your needs and that even covers lost belongings. Being insured is a way of being safe and, should something happen while on vacation, having access to transportation, care and medical treatment.

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