Super Bowl 45 – It was a good day for Green Bay – Super Bowl XLV

With nearly $3 million dollars for a commercial, you know it’s one of the most watched events in our modern age. In fact, it’s also the biggest pizza ordering day of the year; It certainly is like Christmas for Domino’s. This is the matchup of the best American-style football teams in the world, and the players are also the best in the world. Looks like Pittsburgh steel and those terrible towels weren’t enough to cut it. Neither iron, nor cloth, nor high-impact composite plastic would stop Green Bay, no, not today.

As the great Vince Lombardi once said, “We play to win, that’s why we’re here, make no mistake, we’re here to win, win, win!” Getting to the Super Bowl is an epic war, battle after battle defeated, while other teams competing for that place give it their all. And this battle for the crown was no different. At the end of the half, the score was Steelers 10, Green Bay 21, and the Steelers’ dreams and all that hard work were already showing signs of fatigue.

Of course, Green Bay’s lead was well deserved, as the defense was tough and relentless, creating the Steelers’ mistakes, then capitalizing on Pittsburgh’s crisis with skill, strength and speed. Two interceptions in the first half set the stage for a future win, but this was the Super Bowl, nothing is guaranteed, and certainly not with the two best teams on the planet facing off. Understood and known by Green Bay, taking nothing for granted.

The spectacular halftime show was proof positive that this is a major event that is being watched by hundreds of millions of humans around the world. The stress, pressure and intense emotion could be seen, smelled and tasted through the flat screen HDTV no matter where you were. As the second half began, the Steelers showed the fans what they wanted to see, scoring another touchdown to close the gap to just 4 points.

As the game progressed, it became clear who the better team was: Green Bay. Even after losing three of their most talented players in the first half to brutal injuries, the Steelers held off. Incredible sportsmanship, agility, perseverance and passion. Yes, it was a very good day for the fans and the members of the Green Bay team. A really impressive game. Please consider that history was made and think about it.

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