How To Use Conversational Hypnosis For Seduction – Master The Art Of Sensual Mind Control

In this article we are going to take a look at one of the most controversial areas of hypnotic power: using hypnosis for seduction and mastering the art and science of mind control IMPLICITLY for the purpose of simply being MORE attractive and having more sex. The truth is, if we’re REALLY being honest… this applies WAY more to men than women, but it can be a problem for ANY sex if exploited. So let’s quickly look at some basic definitions and then assess how “ninja” cognitive psychology is being imparted to many conversational hypnosis practitioners in a rather brazen effort to make them more successful – with women! Keep reading… 🙂

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Most conversational hypnosis practitioners will tell you that the #1 reason they got involved with the power of persuasion in the first place was to become ADDITIVELY attractive to the opposite sex. And I think this is just a natural and quite acceptable desire…as long as it’s not practiced in an abusive or domineering way. Let me elaborate here to ensure EVERYONE understands a few important distinctions: Hypnosis, contrary to many misconception, is NOT a subjugation skill. It is NOT a practice of creating POWERLESSNESS in another person…rather, empowerment on the part of the practitioner! This is a HUGE distinction that needs to be understood by everyone who wants to learn conversational hypnotic techniques, as well as those who fear these tactics will be performed on them.

A good example: if you fall in love with a BEAUTIFUL woman, who seems to know EXACTLY what to say… and when. Who makes you FEEL indescribably good for reasons you JUST can’t put your finger on… who inspires a PASSION in you, a fire, A LUST that you can’t adequately quantify in words. She just blows your mind in every area of ​​your mind….and your body. She LOVES you equally. Later…you discover that while she was in the process of seducing your senses, she used ALL of her physical and psychological tools to creatively coerce, coerce, and DECEIVE you into her arms…do you feel cheated? Or taken advantage of? Or just remain JUST as captivated by her as you were when you first met her? All things being equal, 99% of men (and women) DON’T CARE how they fell in love… or lust. As long as the feeling is powerful and genuine, they are just happy that they found it!

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