How to Schedule Downloads on Telegram

Schedule Downloads on Telegram

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging apps out there. It offers a number of features that enhance users’ privacy and security. It is also very versatile in terms of media sharing and file storage. It even allows you to download multiple photos and videos at once. However, it can get a bit tricky to keep track of files downloaded from different chats, channels, and groups. Luckily, Telegram has introduced a Download Manager that makes it easy to keep a track of all your files. This feature also helps you manage your scheduled messages and media.

The feature was rolled out last week for download a telegram Android, iOS, and desktop users. To access it, simply go to the chat where you want to schedule a message or media and then tap on the clock icon. This will allow you to select a date and time when you want to send the message or media. The selected date and time will show up as a notification when the message/media is sent.

If you are planning on sending a special greeting to your friends or family members for their birthday, the new feature can be quite helpful. You can also use it to remind someone about an important event or meeting that is coming up. However, you should note that the message/media will still be sent even if you are not online at the scheduled time. Moreover, it will not count towards your last seen.

How to Schedule Downloads on Telegram

Another great feature that this update brings is the ability to quickly share documents with just a tap. You can now also re-arrange the order of your media albums before sending them to make sure that you send all the files that you need in the correct sequence. In addition, the ‘Filters’ option in the ‘Send’ menu now allows you to filter out specific words or phrases from the message that you are sending. This can be useful when you are chatting with your work colleagues or friends who are located in different countries.

Similarly, the ‘Downloads’ tab in the ‘Search’ menu now lets you view and manage all your downloaded files at a single place. The feature is a much-needed addition to the app as it was previously difficult to keep a track of all your downloads. The new feature is a great addition to the existing ones that make Telegram a lot more versatile and functional.

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