diabetic diet plan for healthy blood sugar levels

Many people have their biases about the word “diet.” Remember the Richard Simmons line? “Don’t die, live it!” You can have your own, and that’s fine. But can I tell you, friend, that I have an acronym for “diet” that is empowering and helpful? Here it is:

doing the right thing

Identify bad food vs. good food

Energizing your heart, mind and body

Taking control of your life

This acronym is nothing like a ball and chain or a weight to hold you down and bring you down! It is a useful tool to remind you that a diet plan has many wonderful rewards. Doing the right thing is all about following the diabetic diet plan prescribed by your doctor to maintain your healthy blood sugar levels. Learn to identify bad food versus good food by looking at labels when you shop. Energizing your heart, mind, and body is a result of these healthier lifestyle choices. Take control of your healthy life. This means living life to the fullest with those who love and care for you. What could be better than that?

Still skeptical about diabetic diet foods, huh? Well, I’ll answer any questions you have. Let us begin!

What are the foods I should eat? Don’t worry, I’m not going to say dry crust or chicken! These foods are healthy and tasty!

– Broccoli


– Green beans

– Sugar-free oatmeal

– Strawberries

– Soda water

– Fish and Lean Meats


– Yogurt

– Fruit

That’s how it is! You can have tasty and healthy food!

Do I have to give up all my favorite foods? Healthier options is the answer, my friend. Yes, the best answer is to give up those dangerous foods forever, but reality and real life is here. Moderation and complete swapping of unhealthy foods for healthy and tasty foods is the best answer. I know this is going to be difficult, so I’ll give you some helpful tips:

– Swap high-fat foods for low-fat foods.

– Disguise small portions by serving them on a dessert or salad plate.

– When dining out, ask for a box “to go” and put half of your food in the box before you eat.

– By drinking a glass of water 10 minutes before each meal, you will not eat as much.

– If you are still hungry after the meal, wait 20 minutes.

– Don’t eat with the television on.

Okay, I know how to eat, but how much should I eat? Portion control is a touchy subject, isn’t it? Well, it is much easier to control the amount of food than to take large amounts of medication. Here are some helpful serving comparisons:

– A deck of cards is a piece of meat.

– A slice of bread is a piece of bread.

– A scoop of ice cream is equivalent to a serving of pasta.

Why should I follow a healthy diet? The rewards are endless and very healthy:

– Healthy blood sugar levels.

– Constant and healthy weight control.

– Your family.

– His life.

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