Can you really make money with my shopping genius?

Once you download My Shopping Genie ?? software that works with Google and other major search engines to find the best deals for the product or service you are looking for. It is quite intrusive and just floats to the bottom of your computer screen. There are several quick links and buttons in the little My Shopping Genie ?? banner at the bottom of the screen. When you open Google or other major search engines, the banner floats to the bottom of the screen. You use your search engine, as usual, and you can click the compare and coupon buttons to find the best prices and deals for the things you want to buy.

Looking at My Shopping Genie in a bit of depth; The software is patent pending in several countries, has been going strong in the United States, and has recently been released in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. MyNet Universe is planning the global distribution of its free software and expects the My Shopping Genie toolbar to be ‘the norm’ on PCs around the world for years to come, making online shopping hassle-free and ensuring that customers consumers get the best prices and deals. MyNet Universe claims that their free software takes the time and hassle out of online shopping, giving people the best prices and deals online with one click. Their website claims that they work with over 200,000 online stores and can access over 1,000,000 coupons and specials so you always get the best prices and deals on the net.

The company guarantees that there is no adware, spyware, malware of any kind with its free download. Your website and YouTube videos indicate that the software does not capture or transmit any personal data about you. I have downloaded the software and you are not asked to provide any personal information, not even an email address. I also run Check Point’s complete Zone Alarm security suite on my PC which includes protection against phishing and malware. I have a Zone Alarm set to basically control the data being sent to and from my PC and have I had no problem with Shopping Genie? Free download.

MyNet Universe appears to have eBay, Amazon, and other major online retailers. The revenue that MyNet Universe and its distributors make appears to come from two main routes. Commission and pay-per-click (PPC) revenue from major affiliate partners (probably eBay, Amazon, Google products, and others). Network Marketing Income; Distributors earn income from introducing new distributors to My Shopping Genie.

No cheats, tricks, tricks, or fees when you use My Shopping Genie? download, just click download and get the benefit of free software again and again. I have it on my PC and have saved £ 150 on the Panasonic Lumix G1 camera, £ 30 off the Chanel Allure and many other items. So when it comes to time and money saving claims, are you saving money and time with My Shopping Genie? Free download.

So let’s talk about income potential. My shopping genius is multi-level marketing (MLM) at its simplest.

Commission income and pay per click (PPC).
Basically, as a My Shopping Genie reseller? you can give away as many free downloads as you can. You can do this by word of mouth, blogging, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, supermarket boards, ads in local or national newspapers (not that expensive believe it or not, you can get a little 13-week ad in a national newspaper for less than £ 100). You get an individual license number so MyNet Universe knows when someone downloads one of their free downloads. Distributors don’t have to worry about creating websites or coming up with marketing strategies, as MyNet Universe offers distributors a ready-to-use website, marketing tools, regular live webinars, training (if required), and much more. plus.

So how much do you get paid? Every time someone uses your My Shopping Genie? software they downloaded from you, you get 2p (when they click the links and buttons in the little banner at the bottom of your screen). If they continue to buy something from one of the companies MyNet Universe works with, they also get a percentage of the sale on commission. Average income from each free download is $ 3 to $ 5 per month. So 100 free downloads equals $ 500 per month in additional revenue.

To become a My Shopping Genie reseller? It’s a one-time cost of $ 199 (£ 130 at current exchange rate) that allows people to spend as many free downloads as they want.

Introducing new distributors
If you sign up for this element of the service, you will earn income each time you enter a new retailer on My Shopping Genie. MyNet Universe operates a binary system. Basically there is you, dealer 1, and then a leg A and a leg B. Every time you introduce a new dealer, they go under you, one on leg A and one on leg B. The binary structure seems to be the flavor of the month for many MLMs right now as they encourage faster growth and offer better rewards for customers.

Every time you personally recruit two distributors (infinite levels) = $ 100
For every two distributors in their A and B branches who pay their monthly subscription of 29.00 = $ 10

Qualify for 20% of the income of people in your legs A and B (once you have personally presented at least 2 people in each leg (or 1 in each in 72 hours). 2 people in each leg and you have a total of 12 people under you (this includes people your recruiter recruits) MyNet Universe payment plan does not download and if you have ever been in a ‘download’ MLM program, you know how complicated that can become. , simply by remembering who goes where, when and how. Therefore, the no-download payment plan is a great advantage for this program and ensures easier income generation for all distributors.

The company also offers special benefits to distributors who can recruit and build big legs (these legs include people recruited by the people you recruit. MyNet Universe claims that they will pay grants, mortgages, travel, and much more for those who achieve this position. (especially if they do it fast).

For entrepreneurs or companies
If you own your own business or are the manager or director of a company, My Shopping Genie? The free download has the potential to generate additional income for businesses, charities, etc.

If companies, charities, educational establishments register as Genius? The MyNet Universe reseller allows them to brand the software and give it away for free to customers, staff and colleagues. This provides the ability to have the software on company or university computers so that staff or students can benefit from the savings on offer. Similarly, businesses can place their brand’s free download on their website and offer it as a gift to their customers or visitors. Once downloaded by customers or visitors, the company’s brand will become a familiar one, discreetly and indirectly promoting the company.

MyNet Universe charges a monthly fee of $ 29 (£ 5 per week) to those who want to recruit distributors.

The conclusion
My Shopping Genie offers free software that allows users to find the best prices and deals online. It is safe and easy to use and costs the end user nothing. The software can only be distributed through registered resellers who pay a one-time fee of $ 199 (£ 130) which allows them to distribute as many free downloads as they like. Distributors paying a monthly fee of $ 29 (£ 20) can recruit new distributors and earn substantial additional income as they earn a percentage of the income earned by those they recruit, once they recruit at least 4 people (or 2 in 72 hours).

Would you recommend My Shopping Genie? free download for anyone. Saves you money, over 90% over time. Who doesn’t want to save money? I’ve spent years searching the internet for the best deals on the items I buy, days sometimes and this little download has made it that much easier.

I’ve also spent years looking for real work-from-home opportunities and have come across many, some good and some bad. This is definitely one of the good ones. It would have to be next to impossible for someone not to make money by giving away something for free (something that saves people time and money).

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