Behind the Famous Face – Matt Damon

The triangular shaped face is intelligent, quick to learn, ambitious, hypersensitive, suspicious.

The forehead is low and wide, showing that he had a good childhood. The straight tilt indicates that he is a subjective thinker, step by step, linear thinking. The low crest indicates that he likes to stick with policies and procedures.

He has two different eyebrows. The right one is thicker and more curved than the left one. The one on the left is taller. He has emotional ups and downs. They are placed low and apart. He is informal, quick thinker and patient. The thickness means that you have many ideas and thoughts.

The big blue eyes show that he is sensitive, moody, makes friends easily, and can hold a grudge. Deep-set eyes mean he is thoughtful and observant, hard to get to know. Thin upper lids indicate that you need your own space.

The snub nose indicates that you need your work to be emotionally satisfying. The narrow wings show that it is very independent. Pointing up indicates that you are spontaneous, tolerant, and gullible. The little ball indicates that you appreciate the arts and beauty. The nostrils indicate that he is resourceful. The furrow under the nose is wide and deep, indicating a long life and a strong sex life.

The ears are large and erect on its head. He is open, receptive, friendly. The outer border is well developed. It is logical and focused on the outside world. The position is well balanced back on his head. You have good perception and understanding, but you need to work on your confidence. The top of the ear is above the eyebrows. He wants everything to be done now.

The mouth is shaped like a cupid’s bow. He is determined. Small gaps in the corner of his mouth indicate that he needs to work on his inferiority. His big mouth shows that he likes to talk a lot. His full lips indicate that he is expressive, sensual, generous, with a great capacity for love. The wavy line of the lips shows that he is a talker.

The jaw shows strength and endurance, loyalty and commitment to your ideals. The pointed chin shows that she wants control and does it his way.

The left side of his face appears calm and at peace.

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