As they say, measure twice, cut once

But in fact, it is better to think 7 times and do it once.

We are masters of our life and also of our own body. And we are free to decorate it however we want. As you can guess, this conversation will be about tattoos. Many of you already did, someone is still thinking about it. In a tattoo-related case, don’t rush. So, here is our list of the 7 best tattoos that should never be done.

1. Names of a new boyfriend or girlfriend

It seems like telling the whole world about your new love is a great idea. It may seem like a grand and romantic gesture, but you haven’t been with this person long enough to know if this will continue in the future. Do not rush with such signs, because life is unpredictable.

2. Jokes or vulgar images

Remember how certain jokes made you laugh when you were 15 years old, but today they seem stupid. Imagine what you will think of them at 45 years old. Even a concept as permanent as humor can change over time. Depending on the location and quality of the tattoos, of course, it can be difficult to hide or conceal if you start to regret it, so it is better to avoid such tattoos.

3. Spontaneous tattoos

Tattoos on your body are forever, so think about what you want to sign. Something that may seem like a great idea when it comes to a bachelor party or a party in Las Vegas. But it may not look so great to a sober mind the next morning.

4. Tattoos you don’t spell check

When it comes to ink, autocorrect doesn’t work. Make sure you get the inscriptions in which you have verified the writing and grammar. Believe me, this is very important.

5. Tribal tattoos

Tribal and Maori tattoos are very sacred and important to the cultures from which they originate. If you are not part of this culture, do not destroy the old tradition with the fashion trends of the 21st century.

6. Tattoos in languages ​​you don’t speak or understand

This is an absolute classic. How many people in America and around the world walk proudly with the name of Chinese noodles on their shoulders! Make sure you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

7. Tattoos of people who are not professional tattoo artists.

Can you draw a straight line with a 1 pound vibrating rod duct glued to a pen? Probably not. Getting tattooed is not something that everyone can do. It takes a lot of training, patience, artistic talent, and knowledge of sanitation laws to make a good, clean and safe tattoo.

In fact, the ideal option is for the tattoo to stay with you for your entire life. Yes, sure, there is another option. You can disguise the first tattoo, change it, or even take advantage of tattoo removal procedures. But cover-ups can be really difficult and tattoo removal is painful, so it’s important that you make smart decisions every time you choose.

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