Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum balusters

Aluminum balusters are metallic products that are usually manufactured in bulk to be placed in strategic places to protect people and objects from crossing railings. There are many different types of designs and patterns for these things. In fact, they can even be made to order to suit the preferences of the person ordering it. These products have many benefits if the home or building owner decides to use them for railings. These products also come in different materials, such as wood and other forms of metal, as well as plastic.


Among the advantages of using aluminum balusters is the variety of designs and patterns in which it is presented. Because this type of metal is malleable and easy to work with, there are several designs in which it can be made. Custom designs can be made if the person who ordered the design wants a lot of them to be made. This means that the manufacturer will not lose revenue due to the creation of the design and the supports or molds of the design. Some manufacturers like to have over a hundred made in order to have some sort of income.

If the manufacturer believes the design is profitable, they may patent it or make sure to market it and generate more sales. Another advantage of using this material is its abundance in the world. Although the processing of the material requires some time and effort, the process has been perfected and there are several manufacturing plants that can handle the demand with ease. Aluminum balusters have no shortcomings unlike wood. The material is also resistant to a number of elements it may be exposed to. It does not rust at all, unlike other irons, which are commonly made into similar products. It also doesn’t react to snow and sun exposure, which is a good thing. It won’t rot or splinter like wood, and unlike steel, the paint won’t discolor after several years. This metal is different from steel and iron, which can shrink or expand depending on the weather.


A disadvantage of using this material is the fact that there are some grades or grades of this material that are softer than steel or iron. This makes them prone to denting if they take a hard enough hit. There are some grades that are stronger than others and one may choose to have these instead of the softer ones. Another downside to using aluminum balusters is their resistance to paint. They are usually anodized for a much longer tint. If one wants to paint them, a process is necessary to make them more susceptible to it.

These are just some of the cons and pros of using aluminum deck balusters. The advantages of the material far outweigh the disadvantages that come with it, which is why many business and home owners prefer it.

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