Ways Sugar CRM Benefits Sales Reps

Over the last few years, Sugar CRM has become one of the major players in the CRM software market and a serious competitor to market leader Salesforce, at least for the SMB segment. One of the reasons for Sugar’s popularity is its flexibility in addition to the cost factor. It has multiple implementation options as well as usage options.

But for all its flexibility, you’ll still need to customize it to fully support your business requirements. You can avail of professional SugarCRM development services and get any customizations you want.

There are a number of ways that Sugar CRM could benefit your sales team, one of which is to tailor it to your organization. Below are some of these benefits.

Lead nurturing and management
With SugarCRM, sales reps can get leads from different sources. Thereafter, they can segregate them into different sections, including interests, preferences, purchasing behavior, demographics, etc. With the help of this information, sales executives can personalize the response to each potential customer and elevate the sales process. SugarCRM allows you to nurture leads based on their activities and across multiple channels of interest. It’s fine even if you are using other marketing automation platforms as you can easily integrate your SugarCRM data with your system and handle your sales and marketing campaigns.

Stay up to date with lead tracking
It’s hard to move leads through the entire sales funnel. Therefore, it is important to have a lead management feature that helps streamline tasks. SugarCRM makes it easy for you to ensure that only quality leads make it through the sales funnel. So no more hopeful follow up. It also helps sellers to make timely follow-ups and makes it easier for them to monitor the funnel.

Get access to centralized data
Sales meetings and calls are a crucial part of sales activities. And before they happen, it’s important that salespeople have access to all customer information. SugarCRM will provide all the information about the customer and his interests based on his call history. This information will make the call shorter and more personalized.

Improve customer retention
Since sales and customer service representatives can access details of each customer and their activities, including account status and purchase history, there will be no problems when there are inquiries. This means no more frustrations and your customers are likely to continue doing business with you. Also, because they feel valued, they will boost your upsell opportunities.

Collaborate efficiently
It is very important that the sales departments communicate with each other for efficient work. If there is a lack of collaboration at the organizational level, it can lead to confusion, sharing of incorrect information, and longer sales cycles. When different documents and sales opportunities are tracked in CRM, you can collaborate with your colleagues and start a successful sales process.

The ones mentioned above are some of the biggest benefits of SugarCRM. Before deciding whether to invest in SugarCRM, ask yourself two questions: “Are my customers getting the most out of CRM? or “Does my current CRM fit the specific needs of my business?” If the answer to the above questions is ” No”, you should think about investing in a good quality SugarCRM system.

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