Univera Lifesciences Review – The Terrifying Truth About Univera And Its Viability – Will They Make It?

Network marketing is recognized as one of the most powerful wealth creation tools on the planet today. For the average person, it presents the fairest and most accessible opportunity to venture into the business world, with its relatively low upfront cost and massive and unlimited compensation potential. However, there are some very important elements that must be present for a business to create rapid and sustainable growth. This cutting-edge review from Univera Lifesciences looks at the REAL direction of this industry and whether Univera is going to survive long-term as the best MLM company.

Univera Lifesciences Review: The Building Blocks for MLM Network Marketing Success

For a company to pioneer and then survive in this industry, a few key components must be present. It is truly amazing how few companies approach business in this way, as some of these things may seem obvious. But that is why many do not stand the test of time.

– First, the best MLM company must have the resources they need to differentiate themselves. If they intend to compete only on price or smart marketing, they won’t last.

– Second, the best MLM company must have exclusive and patented products.

– Third, the company must analyze the problem of the “barrier to entry”: how easily can another company appear and do what it is doing or better?

– Finally, the leverage component must be addressed. How are you going to grow and reward the people who drive and sustain that growth?

Univera Lifesciences Review: The Resources for Success?

This company, upon close inspection, is second to none when it comes to resources. As a company of a family of 4 vertically integrated companies that are debt free and privately owned by a billionaire philanthropist, few can even question his position in this area. With world-class resources in cutting-edge pharmaceutical-grade agriculture, science and manufacturing, they appear to be the gold standard for corporate infrastructure. One of the benefits of having a billionaire at the helm is that you can get it right. This company has spent $ 5 million per YEAR on pure research alone through its various facilities, a trend that does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Univera Lifesciences Review – Exclusive and Patented Unviera Products?

Univera seems to have considered this as well. With over 160 patents and patents pending (more than all of the rest of the natural products industry combined), its proprietary ingredients are literally wowing scientists around the world. With advancements in areas of inflammation and, more recently, blood glucose regulation, Univera’s scientific facilities are leading the charge on natural and proactive health solutions.

Univera Lifesciences Review – Barrier to Entry

Looking at global resources and vertically integrated corporate infrastructure, it’s hard to imagine anyone coming close to, or even getting close to, what this company is doing. They have served 30+ years on a 100 year business plan and it probably won’t stop there.

Univera Lifesciences Review: The Leverage / Compensation Component

In a business like Univera, or any MLM business for that matter, this is crucial. If front-line associates are not adequately compensated for their efforts and rewarded for their loyalty, the business is lost. Patented products, cutting edge or not, without the drive and dedication of their field associates, are many.

Another intriguing thing about this company is that their compensation is one of the richest and most rewarding in the industry. A hybrid of some of the more common MLM compensation structures, they have harnessed the best of all worlds to form a compensation system that not only rewards the top 2%, but actually OVERPAYS the newbie to help get them started. Once again, with a billionaire philanthropist at the helm, amazing things can happen. In fact, the owner gestured a large portion of the normal “owner’s share” of the earnings and injected it back into his compensation plan to further reward associates, saying “I don’t want any money from this effort.” .

Univera Lifesciences Review: The Future of the Industry

While all of these areas appear to be strong, there is still a critical component to address. The fact is, more and more people in the network marketing industry are learning how to harness technology to build their businesses. These simple strategies and systems allow the average person to put their product and / or business opportunity in front of literally thousands of people every day who are interested in what they have to offer. Unfortunately, there is only one team at Univera Lifesciences that has recognized this potential. Partnering with them would be a considerable advantage if a person is looking for smart, fast and sustainable growth in their business.

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