Two Chevy Concepts at the New York Auto Show

General Motors’ best-selling brand will make another appearance at the New York International Auto Show. Chevrolet will launch two concept vehicles at the next Auto Show. These vehicles will feature what could be the future of Chevy vehicles.

Concept vehicles are known to be loaded with features that are in the development stage and will eventually be integrated into series-produced vehicles. The two Chevrolet concepts are going to do just that.

As well as showing the automotive world where the brand is heading in terms of vehicle design, Chevrolet will also give consumers a glimpse of what the future of automobiles could be.

The first of the pair is the Chevy Volt concept electric vehicle. The vehicle concept is a plug-in electric vehicle, which means that it comes with an on-board battery pack that can be recharged using a common household socket. The vehicle is designed to take full advantage of its battery pack designed to provide power for 40 miles of travel. That figure covers the average mileage of an American motorist in one day.

Aside from its connectability, the vehicle also has a “range extender”. It is essentially a small internal combustion engine coupled to a generator that charges the car’s lithium-ion battery. With this “range extender,” the vehicle’s 40-mile range is significantly increased to 640 miles.

This new version of the Volt features General Motors’ radical E-Flex powertrain. The feature allows the vehicle to run on a variety of fuels including electricity, conventional gasoline, E85, and biodiesel. The characteristics of the Volt will surely improve if they are complemented with EBC Redstuff brake pads.

The second Chevy concept vehicle is the Chevy Camaro Concept. This concept version of Chevy’s pony car is a convertible that gives the Camaro high aesthetic value. The convertible concept to appear in the Big Apple is daubed in Hugger Orange pearl three-coat paint.

The iconic sporty stripes are also present, including the long hood configuration common to all pony cars as it began with the Ford Mustang. The Camaro’s wheels are almost pushed into the corners, giving the Camaro the impression of being ready to burn asphalt in a second. In fact, this Camaro can get you up to speed along with the best car in its class. Its V8 engine provides adequate power to its rear wheels through a sporty manual transmission. This is a car that would definitely get a lot of adoration from Camaro fans and will likely win new ones along the way.

These concept vehicles will be on display at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, where the 2007 New York International Auto Show will take place. The event will open to the public on April 6 and will run through April 15. month.

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