The team jacket as a team uniform

Cheerleading teams look for any way to build a team identity. Some of these shapes are more subtle than others, like keyrings, but there are also ways to make it obvious. Team jackets are the best way to express that team spirit, allowing the team to show that they are both one of the school sports teams and that they belong on the same team. While there are ways to individualize them, ideally the jackets are worn in the same way so that the team jackets become a kind of uniform for the cheerleading squad, showing that they belong to each other.

Although traditional team jackets follow the same construction of leather sleeves over a cloth body, not all cheerleading teams follow that tradition. Traditional jackets are too bulky for some, and others just want something that’s more feminine or just a little less traditional. Silk jackets have been in style before, as have sweatshirts, both suit tops and hoodies, but the traditional team jacket remains the standard against which all other team jackets are judged. Although it can be bulky, it is also warm and looks good with medals and ribbons.

Many teams are also starting to wear yoga style jackets due to the fit around the hand with the entire thumb. This style is more comfortable, and many members like the look of it better, too. Another benefit of these jackets is that they fit more closely to the body and allow members to wear them during routines without interruption. Many baggy jackets will get in the way of members and can sometimes cause accidents if care is not taken.

No matter what style of jacket you choose for your team, you’ll want to make sure it’s personalized. There are many ways to do it, but what has been trending in popularity in recent years is adding glitter to warm-ups. Having these personalized team jackets with the team logo and members name in rhinestones really makes the team stand out.

The traditional team jacket is also a favorite due to how easy it is to customize. The zipper pull just sees a lot of decoration; Cell phone straps and hangers are commonly used. Labels are another area of ​​decoration, with pens, embroidery and even glued rhinestones. Some jackets can sport some serious details, especially if the person has owned it for a number of years. Therefore, a team jacket can represent not only the team but also the individual, making it something that works both as a uniform and as a personal statement.

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