The essential guide to permanent fat loss

Losing weight is one of those goals that can totally transform your life. The ultimate goal is permanent fat loss, however, this is often the most difficult to achieve, which is why many people’s weight fluctuates constantly. Many people wonder if they will spend their entire lives oscillating between being overweight and a healthy weight.

The remarkable news is that permanent fat loss is extremely possible… and the answer may surprise you. So how do we achieve permanent fat loss?


Unfortunately, many people don’t think twice about attitude because they think it’s not important. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth because mindset will determine whether you succeed or fail at anything. The following statement lit a lightbulb in my head as I had never thought of it this way. I hope you can see the magnitude of this, if you can, it can help you achieve permanent fat loss.

‘Change the image… Change the person’

On the outside, a person who loses a lot of weight may seem like a completely different person. However, in their minds they remain exactly the same person. Seeing themselves as still obese leads most of these people to gain back all the weight they lost.

Therefore, developing a positive mindset is crucial. You deserve to lose that weight and keep it off.


Exercise is one of your greatest assets when trying to achieve permanent fat loss. However, most people lose all the weight they want by following a weight loss program…and then just give up training. This is asking for trouble, however looking at it from an unbiased perspective I can see why. Some of the exercise programs on offer are horrendous; they are exhausting and assume that you have a lot of willpower. After a few months on this type of program, it’s no wonder people give up. I know, I’ve done it a couple of times. The best way to overcome this is to use a sustainable training program; this means you can still have a life and training.

develop new habits

Many people who lose all the desired weight go back to their old routines and habits. Everything from eating the same old foods to having the same old lifestyle. After all the hard work they put in to lose all their weight, they just gave up! All the lost weight will inevitably come back if you do this.

Developing new habits, like setting goals, will give you something to strive for. An example of this could be lifting a certain weight in the gym or losing a certain amount of weight over the next week. Whatever it is, it will keep your mind on something and keep you from getting lost in your old clothes.

Remember, whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. If you want to achieve permanent fat loss, then you can!

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