Recycle, reuse and reward nature by being healthy, fit and conscious of your planet

Recycle, reuse and reward nature by staying healthy, fit, conscious of your planet and maintaining modern mechanical gadgets and power tools and more. Go green and love it!

Estimate green life: make adjustments; start having conscious daily opportunities to repair or recycle and maintain a life with less stress and expense for you and your home. powered tools and more Green living is conscious living; a trend, a statement or the right thing?

There are universal solutions that can be implemented by each individual person that affects humanity in an expanded constructive and enlightening way; using natural resources and rethinking our daily practices and habits is just the beginning…

Showing health for yourself is also showing care, preventative maintenance, and a genuine concern for your carbon footprint and how your electronic and mechanized tools are burning cleanly on the planet. Seek health for yourself, as well as concern and knowledge of your tools, the daily habits that affect the planet and keep all things healthy, fit and functioning in balance with the planet and in alignment with healthy living in general. .

Replace the air filters in your air conditioning unit, clean your gutters, vents, and gas or electric dryer lint tray frequently and review all appliance functionality and maintenance, maintenance, maintenance is the key to product efficiency, longevity, and optimal ozone care consideration.
Your washer and dryer and their motors should be treated with respect, keeping them cleaner and running smoother in the process. Many machines break down or are damaged due to overloading, incorrect amounts of soap, or irresponsible maintenance.

*** Read the ingredient/chemical list panel on your liquid or powder detergent. Is it natural or harmful? Think again, if you use two different detergents for different family members or types of materials, then something is definitely wrong with your washing practices and habits.

Soak and soak your clothes with natural items that can be found in your kitchen cabinets, just like our parents did. By soaking and waiting for dirt and grime to release before the actual wash and rinse cycle, less liquid or powder detergent is used; clean and deodorize with natural products in your wash cycle i.e. baking soda. Baking soda, added before the wash cycle begins, will soften, whiten, brighten and wow your nose, adding a fresh scent to your washed clothes. You can also wash by adding products that use eco-inspired innovation or eco-friendly products. If I’m in a pinch, I resort to soaking the clothes in baking soda or even white vinegar, or another secret ingredient, the same ideas work for bleaching and deep cleaning. Green products can also help extend the life of your washing machine and better clean your clothes.

Upkeep, upkeep and upkeep is our saving grace to save our tools, appliances and to save the amount of natural resources it takes to fix, refurbish or replace missing or broken motors, parts, engines or to burn cleaner emissions like a positive byproduct of car and engine care.

Cleaning the internal mechanism of the dryer’s lint filter, as well as cleaning the external lint filter after each load of clothes, helps maintain the life and efficiency of the dryer while saving $$ money.

The same rules apply to your electric lawnmower, have you ever thought about changing it and buying the manual one? We did and it has worked well and has no electricity or gas and paid for itself within the first 4 months of purchase, it is also less bulky and takes up less space in our garage.

Recycle old cars, car batteries, tires, house paint can be recycled and given to someone else who will take care of your car painting needs or turn over your hazardous materials to the proper authorities for proper disposal, minimizing the effects of toxins in the environment.

Learning to reuse or upcycle items or household items benefits everyone! Recycling rainwater, yes it’s great when it rains, how about reusing that rainwater long after the rain has passed and now the ground is dry?

There are many very large rain receptacles that can be used as lawn watering containers in times of drought.

In Florida, we still have grass, because we have some monsoon months of constant rain, made worse by constant humidity. If that doesn’t happen, it is advisable to collect rainwater and water lawns and plants during days of little or no rain with preserved rainwater. It is rewarding to the consumer based on saving money and rewards nature by having nature’s water saved for a rainy day!

Speaking of water, do you have a habit of brushing your teeth while the sink is open and wasting valuable water? The water is wasted and goes down the drain to serve no one. Changing daily habits, over time, helps reward nature, your money, and of course affects the planet globally. We can all challenge some of our daily practices and habits to better conserve natural resources and share or compensate others who are struggling in these difficult economic times of environmental, economic, and governmental instability and uncertainty.

Recycle or give away items in your home that are still valuable to serve another soul. Declutter your closets and give away nice clothes you haven’t worn in a few years or more. This will be of benefit to others and your good karma will come back to you in some way and reward you in one way or another.

Did you cook too much food for dinner? Send a basket of food to your neighbor who lives alone. Tell them that you cooked with the intention of sharing your reward with them. It’s almost a crime to throw away good, healthy food that took your time, creative flair, expense, and effort to get. Share your generosity with others and reward nature and its resources in all your conscious efforts.

We all know the benefits of recycling and reusing, now is the time to focus on giving back to nature and maybe even reap some health benefits.

Less air pollution from the habits and practices of massive factories means clearer, sunnier, and smog-free days, months, and hopefully years and decades. That’s a nice reward, don’t you think? Yes, factories are necessary, but finding ways to burn them clean is rewarding for everyone!

What about natural rainforests? They must be investigated and preserved to recover the natural environment.

Trees play a great importance for the balance on earth, read and do your own research on trees and global warming; THE INFORMATION GAINED WILL BE FASCINATING THAN I CAN GUARANTEE!

It is our responsibility to restore or, in most cases, prevent further damage to the ecological balance of nature.

Plants in decline and so many animals going extinct is just disheartening. We can repay nature by being more aware of the importance of natural lands, rainforests, and even going greener with our oceans, lakes, and streams. The reward for showing more knowledge and foresight for the health of the world’s waters will reward us with more new and healthy seafood and perhaps even bring back some of the rapidly declining shrimp, a variety of fish and other foods from the that we depend on the oceans. waters Helping and preserving the health of the oceans is very rewarding for the global population of seafood consumers. Caring for the world’s waters is rewarding for everyone!

Nature and natural actions that are aligned with how nature predisposes them to be are working in balance and harmony in a natural setting. For example, nature likes to be left alone to breathe. When planting and cultivating, let the soil and natural elements rest before planting a type of plant, fruit, or grain before re-taxing the land. If you need to add fertilizer, add things that are aligned with nature and be rewarded with a beautiful harvest that is well worth your investment of work and time. When we cooperate with nature, our rewards are more than doubled.

There are many ways to reward nature and the beautiful life it provides us. Many times the opportunity to reward nature goes unnoticed. So much can be done with so little effort. Knowledge of planetary responsibility extends far beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. Why? Because global changes and events occur over time, although garbage and human irresponsibility impact the stress of the ongoing cycle.

Some of nature’s global effects are cyclical, although garbage, destruction, and debris are not included, or should not be cyclical. There is work to be done on that whole part of the equation for awareness, responsibility and global care.

We can reward ourselves and nature by being less likely to use machinery for everything. Get down on the ground and pick up some of those weeds yourself. It’s so much faster than going out and plugging in or filling up with gas from a motorized appliance. Use human power, whenever possible, to do small jobs around your home. If we use less gas-powered garden machinery and rely more on the old-fashioned way of pulling weeds, in the end, we reward ourselves and the planet by using human power wherever possible and relying less on gas to run the small things. Our homes.


I am so honored and grateful for your readers! Thank you in advance for allowing me this forum. May this written information serve you better and be a reminder to me and to you to pay attention to living a healthier, more abundant, environmentally friendly and conscious life for many generations to come!
*** I enjoy learning from you and others continually offering me knowledge!~

Thank you for your readers,

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