Recent headline in the Daily Mail – "What’s the point of saving?"

As the Daily Mail headline shouted: “What’s the goal of saving?”, Let’s take a closer look at what the uproar in all the newspapers was due to recently and what can be done to create a fairer playing field and rewarding for savers. . Please note that I am not a skilled investor, but I have experience making money from forex trading and in 2006 I saw a great opportunity to use changes in the price of gold bars to make a lot of money.

If you check the NS&I website, you will see that they advertise this as “A piece of cake” and “Open your account with just £ 1, enjoy easy access to your savings”, but let’s look at some facts.

If you are a saver who regularly saves, for example, £ 100 per month in this scheme, with an annual return of 1.5%, for every £ 1,000 invested over 12 months, you will receive an interest paid of £ 15.

But, with inflation consuming the spending value of your money by around 2% per year, your £ 1,000 in savings will actually lose about £ 20 of your purchasing power, so your “savings plan” actually generated a loss of £ 5.

Looking at this in more detail, we know from The Telegraph recently, that there are millions of savers in this scheme, so let’s assume there are at least 100,000 subscribers who also save £ 1,000 or more per year. I make that about £ 100 million.

At the government level, that sum could easily be traded in the currency markets, and I understand that there are some operations of this type that could pay up to 100% every 90 days. (See above for my own rewarding Forex experience, and that was using only a few hundred pounds as my bet money).

The problem with practically any savings plan that is based on any “FIAT” currency is that its value is based on nothing more than promises from the government that issued it (such as the pound, the euro dollar, etc.) and, as such, it is constantly being devalued due to constant inflation.

However, if you were to exchange part of your FIAT currency for gold bars on a regular basis, I think it would paint a totally different picture. Take a look at some figures below, showing what happened to gold bullion prices between 2000 and 2020.

Between the beginning and the end of 2006, the value of gold rose from £ 9.78 per gram to £ 10.17, which was when I started to get involved in Forex Trading and performed a KILL operation with gold, as opposed to my disastrous activities real estate investment at that time. , due to the deregulation of all btl mortgages.

By the end of 2019, the price of a gram of gold had reached 38.89 pounds sterling.

At least with gold, YOU can decide what value to sell it for, if the price isn’t right for you, don’t sell it until it is. (Or just sell what you need to survive).

Yes, instead of investing £ 100 per month with NI&S, you had signed up for a FREE account with something like Karatbars, and decided to exchange £ 100 of your inflation-inflated “FIAT” coin for 2.5 grams of gold bullion , at the end of the year it would have approximately 30 grams of gold. Even if the value was slightly lower after 12 months, you know that its historical trend will always be UP.

Now, if I dare mention the words “Network Marketing”, and you believe that every network marketing opportunity is a pyramid or a Ponzi scam, then read no further. (If you are still here) – I think you can see the great advantage of exchanging part of your “FIAT” currency for gold bars.

If you find that saving on gold bars turns out to be very beneficial to your wealth, and because it costs nothing to become a customer in this savings opportunity, then what’s wrong with telling your friends, family, and business associates? ? After all, you are not “selling” them anything, you are only sharing your good fortune.

As long as you are participating in this savings plan yourself (putting YOUR money where your mouth is), why not help everyone you meet do the same? And then why not use a little more of your FIAT currency to go from being just a “customer” to becoming an “independent affiliate” of one of the many companies that offer this service?

As an independent Karatbars affiliate, when you involve your friends and family in this network marketing opportunity, where you are not selling anything, simply have your contact do the same as you and trade as much inflation riddled Fiat currency as you can afford for bullion. gold: it is a mutual benefit for all concerned.

Also, when making your selection, make sure that the company you choose also has its own gold-backed Crypto currency. Like many other people, when Bitcoin was launched, in 2009, even though it was selling for a few dollars each, after burning my fingers on real estate investing in 2007, I viewed it with suspicion and walked away from what it probably was. the greatest opportunity of his life.

These novelty coins were sold last year for around $ 20,000 EACH, and they weren’t even backed by gold. So, think about the opportunity, if a new and unique gold-backed crypto currency were to be launched on the market.

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