Popular Cartoon Character Baby Shower Themes

Welcome back to childhood! A cartoon character baby shower theme will amuse everyone and create a very special feeling. Cartoons can bring back happy childhood memories and moments that all guests will enjoy.

Using a certain character as the main theme of the baby shower is easier than selecting another. Decorations, tableware and activities have been created from animated films and their protagonists.

When deciding on a cartoon-themed baby shower, you will have to think about several aspects. The sex of the baby can help you determine the most appropriate topic. You can also consult the future mom about her favorite cartoon characters.

The availability of party supplies is another important aspect to consider. You may want to choose cartoon characters that are popular and performed at parties relatively frequently. Otherwise, you’ll have to make some decorations yourself, a fun but time-consuming process.

This article lists some of the most popular cartoon characters that can become the focus of your baby shower theme.

Disney princesses

Disney princesses are living a life of their own. Girls love them and want to be pampered in the same way.

Organizing a princess themed baby party will be very easy. Party stores offer various types of decorations and you can discover tableware, napkins and activities associated with Disney princesses.

This theme is feminine, delicate and beautiful. You can use pink, lace and ornate curtains to turn the place into a palace.

101 Dalmatians

The adorable 101 Dalmatian puppies will help you create a beautiful and fun baby shower party.

Places must be everywhere. They have stained tablecloths, plates, banners and balloons. You will find appropriate party supplies in almost any store. Most people love 101 Dalmatians, the book, and the cartoon.

Girls love puppies. The theme will be very appropriate for a women’s gathering.


Tweety Bird is cute, smart, and funny. How about throwing a Tweety themed baby shower for the expectant mom?

Yellow should be the predominant color. Celebrating the baby shower in a garden will also be fun. Tweety themed baby showers will remind people of spring, the new beginning, and the beauty of nature.

Winnie the pooh

Winnie the Pooh is cute and funny. So many generations have grown up with the image of fun and a little naive in mind. It would be difficult for anyone to avoid falling in love with Winnie the Pooh.

There are various types of party decorations available and your theme will be charming, cute, and suitable for both a girl and a boy.

Dr Seuss Characters

The Doctor Seuss characters are so unique and popular that you’ll have fun throwing a party that uses the image of Horton, The Cat, or The Grinch.

Every character in Doctor Seuss has been brought to life thanks to this incredible person. Various movies and cartoons were made, following the plots of the books. Dr. Seuss is an important aspect of everyone’s childhood. Make the baby shower focus on your books.

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