Oorwin :: Integrated platform for talent management, human resources and CRM

We are a team of passionate business leaders, quality-conscious technology experts, customer-centric consultants and salespeople, with a single motto.

We believe that companies can make a change by embracing a major change: bringing their most important assets, their people, processes and ecosystem to the cloud to enable simultaneous innovation, growth and profit.

:: How we work ::

We work in “Technical Support” mode with our client. We partner with clients and engage with them in their core business to provide optimal solutions to their challenges. We make customer interaction a pleasure.

After all, highly engaged customers are more likely to promote more and be more loyal than less engaged customers.

:: How we dominate ::

We are not afraid of making mistakes, we learn, we master the art of solving and mastering the game, we jump in and mature to the next level. We engage, partner, and make customers successful.

Integrated platform for talent management, HR and CRM

Oorwin combines digital and people intelligence by eliminating repetitive tasks to allow the workforce to use their creative energy on the strategic things that matter most. Oorwin simplifies HR and recruiting activities with its automation and process intelligence.

Recruitment has been seen to go beyond conventional job boards and is more about modern candidate tracking systems. These systems are believed to help companies’ HR departments stay calm during the massive surge in cover letters and resume after jobs are listed or published in different media. Many companies are moving from a manual recruitment and selection process to an automated mechanism. However, many companies are still unable to see the value automation brings to recruiting, especially when their existing, tried and true manual process is working. If you have questions about automating your hiring process, this article highlights how automation really makes the hiring process more efficient.

The future of recruiting and hiring

Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group, a search and training company, says active recruiting is at the center of recruiting technology. Most hiring technologies work by building up a pool of potential candidates and eliminating those who don’t meet the criteria or don’t use the buzzwords in their cover letters or resumes. This type of ranking is no longer the best way to make the ideal talent judgments.

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