Norwegian Scabies vs. Common Scabies: Differences

Scabies is a skin infection caused by a mite, because scabies mites are so small that they are barely visible, scabies is easily confused with any other skin infection. In the outer layer of the skin scabies lay eggs and their presence there causes irritation and allergy symptoms on the skin. Normal scabies is caused by 10-20 mites, but in Norwegian scabies there are thousands of mites, so the skin infestation is more severe and the skin becomes covered with crusts and hyperkeratotic plaques.

It may seem that in Norwegian scabies the type of mite is different from that of normal scabies, but it is actually the exact same type of mite. Those affected with the Norwegian type of scabies have a low immune system. Norwegian scabies develops in people with compromised immune systems.

Norwegian scabies symptoms

Serious skin manifestations may appear, the skin is blistered, red and very itchy. During the night the itching worsens. Although the regular type of scabies does not appear on the scalp, the Norwegian type affects the abdomen, genitals, nipples, buttocks and groin, wrists, armpits, elbows, fingers and toes, and the abdomen. scalp. Due to the large number of parasites, Norwegian type scabies is very contagious, more contagious than someone with normal scabies.

Scabies affects only humans, so it cannot be spread from pets, skin-to-skin contact makes transfer possible as in: shaking hands with an infected person, during sexual contact, through clothing, and the bedding. The eggs can be spread during scratching or can spread the infection to the nails and fingers.

In Norwegian scabies as in common scabies it is essential to follow a treatment immediately.

Norwegian scabies treatment

If you recognize the symptoms of Norwegian scabies you should start treatment immediately, otherwise you will spread the mites and infect many people. To prevent reinfestation, everyone must be treated at the same time, all those who had intimate contact with the person infested with scabies are obliged to follow the treatment: relatives, close friends.

To kill all the moths and their eggs it is recommended to wash and iron your clothes and bedding. In Norwegian scabies the most useful treatment is Dexoprin, because it does not have the dangerous effects of other prescribed drugs and kills the mites and their eggs and stops the itching and sores on the skin. To ensure the best treatment it is vital to know exactly the symptoms of scabies and identify them to prevent infestation in the community. Not following treatment as soon as you find out you are infested with scabies means that you are a source of infection that spreads scabies mites everywhere.

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