My Muscle Testing Experience with Dr. Piller (Part Two) – Molds in Good Cultures

Moving on to try another Candida product that I had been taking for a month called “Candigone” from Renew Life. It says very clearly about this product that it does not contain “no yeast, no sugar, etc. But, the tincture in this product has all this alcohol which is sugar that is feeding my yeast problem. Moving on to product number four I was taking. A product called “Yeast Fighters” by Twinlab. I’m sure you’ve heard of it! Once again it tasted bad and I keep wondering why.

So, we looked at the ingredients and it did say “apple pectin”. Again, it’s more sugar and it was fueling my problem without my knowing it! He was also taking “Gaia Herbs Daily Detox and this had fig and apple in it. Another touted candida product he was taking to help with death and elimination contained” Cascara Sagrada. “This was bad because his intestines may become dependent on Cascara. Sagrada and then you will be constipated unless you take this.

I was taking a product called “Capricin” that contains caprylic acid. Dr. Piller said it’s good. However, yeast mutates in different ways and develops stronger strains and becomes resistant to caprylic acid, which is why it gives you something called “SF-722”. This is undecenoic acid derived from castor oil and said it doesn’t become tough like caprylic acid does. Moving on to good cultures, I thought to myself that surely I couldn’t go wrong here.

I showed him the product that was from Dr. Joel Wallach called Killer Biotic FX, which was supposed to repopulate the gut. He put my hand out and lowered my arm. He showed me the ingredients: Colostrum (this is a dairy that feeds candida), Maitake (Grifola frondosa), Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Shiitake (Lentinus edodes). I don’t have to pronounce any of these, but deep down, these are all mushrooms. Fungi are molds and of course they are absolutely feeding candida!

The digestive enzyme he was taking was Udo’s choice. It contained 50,000 IU of bromelain (this is pineapple; a sugar). It also had aspergillus oryzea (mold), barley malt, and beet powder, which all feed candida. I won’t list each and every supplement, but I think you may have found out by now.

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