Kentucky Derby Glasses: The Collectibles Everyone’s Talking About

The Kentucky Derby is perhaps one of the most popular horse races on the planet. Numerous commemorative items such as glasses, pins and shot glasses have been created to celebrate this brilliant event full of heritage and esteem. If we go back to 1938, these commemorative glasses were designed and inspired by some of the best horsemen of the time. Each cup of each year represented something unique and original about that particular year’s event.

During WWI, when there was a shortage, manufacturers had to switch to a replacement product called Bakelite, a type of plastic, from 1941 to 1945. If you ever come across a model made in 1950 or 1951, then you should keep them. for life as they are some of the rarest and of course have a high value associated with them. In 1974, no one realized that more than 400,000 of these specialty collectibles were imprinted with a misspelled horse’s name.

The horse was called Canonero II, however it was mistakenly printed as Canonero. UPS! At that time, there were variations of these glasses. A Libby cup with Canonero and a Libby cup with Canonero II were printed. Then the same thing happened for federal glasses, 2 variations of the name. Finally, there were also two unmarked glasses, also made in the two variants. Once this was realized there was a scramble to remake thousands of these and the Libby company ended up going to the federal company to finish their own order books.

Interestingly though, all the variations have become equally collectible, but when it comes to actual value, the two Federal-designed are the types that retain their value more than and above all other versions. The newer ones, like today’s gold edition glasses, are generally produced in a limited edition run of around 1,000. All glasses in this limited edition would be manufactured and come with their own certificate of authenticity, making them highly sought after.

Consequently, their intrinsic value increases and they have been known to trade hands for $ 60 or more. If you’re interested in your collectibles and like to enjoy high-quality rare products that keep and increase in price, you’ll always do well with a premium Kentucky conditioned glass. Each and every cup from each and every season will maintain its cost, yet the races that are memorable are the ones that ultimately ensure those glasses improve on collectibility. Like when unknown riders or rare victories make headlines. As a lover of Kentucky drinks, keep your eyes open for something associated with this fascinating world.

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