Hangover tea?

Many times, after those days of excesses, nothing seems to be enough to reconfigure your body. The hangover takes you by storm and doesn’t let you think. What tea should be taken in such a situation? Here you will find the best options.

Sometimes, nothing better for a hangover than a good tea. You get up and start to get ready for your daily activities. And the company of a good combination of ingredients can make you feel better in the short term.

Well, always starting from the base of a tea, adding some herb or spice that enhances its properties, good things can be achieved. Pay attention to these 5 options.

green tea with mint
A perfect combination for hangovers, because it provides you with antioxidants, a plus of energy and also digestive activity will be guaranteed thanks to the mint. To a silver jasmine green tea like the one you prepare daily, add a good sprig of mint and let it steep for a while longer. You drink it and, if necessary, repeat it throughout the day.

White tea with chamomile
Another very mild combination, perfect if you don’t want anything too flavorful. It is a beneficial and perfect mixture to combat hangovers.

oolong tea with thyme
Oolong tea is said to be great for hangovers, due to its antioxidant power and metabolic action. The perfect combination would be given with a little fresh thyme during the preparation and you end with a good spoonful of honey, to replenish blood sugar levels.

red tea with ginger
This combination of red tea with ginger for hangovers can be great. Red tea gives you metabolic activity, restores your liver, and also gives you caffeine. Ginger activates your circulation and also gives you energy. Cover it with a little honey. Oh! The ginger can be fresh or dried, it doesn’t matter. But don’t miss the recipe.

black tea with lavender
You can replace it with an Earl Gray if you have it on hand.

Of course, you can try many other things than these hangover teas. It is a matter of trying various natural remedies, which will surely help you.

Baking soda and lemon. A perfect mix to balance the acidity of your stomach. The path begins so that you can be better with this alkaline combination.

Fruit shake. A fruit smoothie with lots of minerals and vitamins can be ideal to put yourself together. Don’t miss the banana or the kiwi.

Coffee grains. There are those who insist that there is no better remedy than to chew a few coffee beans. According to them, nothing better than that against a hangover.

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