Eyeglass care: Use these tips to clean, protect, and maintain your eyeglasses

You wear your glasses every day. You wear them when you read, watch TV, or drive. They help you see correctly. If you wear transition lenses, they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. The color, size and style you choose will also complement your face so you look fabulous. Therefore, you must take proper care of your glasses. How often do you clean it? Your eyeglass should be kept clean as often as possible. Do you store it correctly? It’s also important to keep your glasses safe by storing them in an eyeglass case. Do you have a repair kit nearby for minor repairs? Sometimes a screw falls out or leaves red marks on the nose. Follow my tips below and use the suggested products to care for your glasses.

Glasses case: An eyeglass case is used to store and protect your glasses when not in use. Popular cases are hard cases, soft cases, and pouches. Hard glass cases are durable, rigid and difficult to damage. They are best when you have to deal with many hectic activities throughout the day. Soft glass cases are flexible, so your eyeglass is not well protected. Eyeglass cases are really soft and offer less protection than cases. However, soft glass cases and bags can be easily stored in your bag or pocket.

Eyeglass cleaning cloth: A cleaning cloth is used to remove dirt, water and other masses from your glasses. The cleaning cloth should be a microfiber cloth because it does not scratch the surface. You can store your eyeglass cleaning cloth in your case or bag.

Eyeglass cleaning fluid: An eyeglass lens cleaning solution is used to clean the lumps from your eyeglasses. The solution also adds shine. Cleaning fluids are usually given to you at the store where you purchased your glasses. If you don’t want to use commercial products, use a dish soap and water solution.

Eyeglass repair kit: An eyeglass repair kit usually contains nose pads, screwdrivers, screws, and a magnifying glass. A small screwdriver can be used to tighten the screws on the frames so they don’t come apart. If you lose the original goggle screws, use the ones included in the kit. Nose pads are used to cushion the nose and prevent pressure or slipping of the glasses. When using the repair kit, your glasses should fit your face perfectly.

Keep in mind that if your glasses get badly damaged, go back to the store where you bought them and ask for help. By using the products and tips I shared above, you will always have a clean, protected and properly maintained eyeglass.

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