Experience new life, health and energy through cell renewal and nutrition

What does it mean to be better at each age?

It means you can live life to the fullest, whether you’re 14 or 104 years old.

It means you can take control, at the cellular level. MEANS YOU CAN HAVE THE ENERGY

Picking up the garden hoe again instead of just looking at seed catalogs… and daydreaming, or maybe you want the energy to run the 10K you’ve been talking about.

And if you’re trying to make sense of notes from class or from that morning meeting, would you appreciate the ability to focus…really focus on what you’re doing right now?

And what about help to manage stress?

Experience new life through cell renewal!

* Experience a new life: 65% of how YOU age depends on YOU. It is true. Only about 35% of how we age is genetic.

* Have energy.

* Meet your goals.

* Reach your dreams.

Each of us is housed in a miraculous organism: the human body. The human body has the ability to renew itself, not only at the cellular level, but at the DNA level.

Cellular damage is a fact of life, but it’s something you can help manage through cell renewal.

Stephen ChernIske, MS is the principal architect of the metabolic model of aging. He is also a popular speaker and the best-selling author of ‘Caffeine Blues’, ‘The DHEA Breakthrough’ and ‘The Metabolic Plan’. In the Metabolic plan he tells us that ‘you are going to replace an average of 300 billion cells in the next 24 hours’. Isn’t that amazing? “So clearly the potential we have for regeneration is amazing.”

This may or may not be news to you, but it is actually news to most people. If you ask a lot of gerontologists if the seesaw can tilt both ways, they’ll say something like “You know, degeneration is inevitable” or “there’s nothing you can do about it, learn to live with it” or my favorite. “You’re getting old, that’s to be expected.”

Are you aging the way you want?

* Your body has an amazing ability to regenerate and heal itself.

* 65% of how you age is up to you – It’s not genetics.

* Cellular damage is a fact of life, but it’s something you can help control through cell renewal.

* You can feel, look and perform better by tilting the seesaw in your favor.

Dr. Stephen Cherniske, whom I have quoted before in my articles, says the following.

“Through the metabolic model of aging, we can see that the human body is like a seesaw that continually faces forces that require us to support and repair our cells or protect and reduce damage.”

If nothing is done about the underlying forces that damage cells, including stress, free radicals, the modern pace of life, and more—sometimes forces you can’t feel—you’ll experience degeneration as you age. BUT there is good news: you have more control over this process than you thought.

“You can look, feel and perform better by pushing down on cellular damage and pushing up on the repair side of your own metabolic seesaw and tilting it in your favor.” The way you eat and exercise has a lot to do with all of this, but how do we have the energy to do this? This is what Dr. Cherniske explains in his books. Nutrition at the DNA and cellular level!

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