Double Side Impact of Choosing Accounting Career

After your school days and summer vacations are over, now is the best time to look for opportunities in the field for your career. But, at the same time, it is the most difficult part of your professional journey. Your future depends on the decision you make in which field you go.

Let’s say you already know their interests and skills. Because you have done self-analysis in the field you are good at. You got the highest score in accounting subjects while you were studying. Work related to calculus and numbers is his passion and interests. Therefore, you are clear about your career path in accounting and have made the decision to pursue a career in accounting. Your goal is to become an expert accountant and you want to start an accounting company. But you’re not sure how to gather resources and where to start.

In order to achieve the goal of being an expert accountant, there is a path that you will need to go through.

First of all, having a correct accounting degree is the foundation of your professional accounting career which you already got from the educational institute. Gathering accounting career information gives you ideas on how to start an accounting career. That information could be obtained from the institutes and agencies that provide guidance on careers in accounting and finance. You may also need to find out about accounting career salary which will help you while looking for a job.

Second, it is essential to gain solid work experience in accounting. For that, getting a job at any reputable accounting firm is your short-term goal. At this stage, salary is an important factor but not as vital as work experience. You may have to adjust to the salary offered in the initial phase. The second reason to accept the offered accountant salary is that he will get a job soon and the sooner he gets a job the experience of him as an accountant will start to count is the third reason.

The next step, as part of your goal, is to have 4-5 years of accounting experience. During this time, he will have ideas about accounting work and the flow of how to execute the work that will help him when he starts his own company. In addition, he will learn knowledge related to software used in accounting work. For example, Freshbooks, AccountEdge, etc.

After you finish gaining experience as an accountant and confident in theoretical and actual work experience. The next and final step is to start your own accounting firm. Now you have all the necessary knowledge to work as a freelance accountant. Plus, you can train new hires working for you as you go through that stage.

The reason for going down this accounting path is that you have theoretical knowledge and have gained real working knowledge before setting up your own company. If you just started your business right after you got your degree, the chances of not being successful are high. Therefore, the accounting career path on this blog will help you stabilize and grow your accounting career.

Thus, you will obtain benefits from your work experience:

You won’t waste time trying again if your accounting firm isn’t successful, if you start a business right after graduation.
Your career growth is progressing as you gain work experience.
Your financial growth is there, as you will get a salary.

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