Cost of Black Paving Stones – Are They Worth the Investment?

Cost of Black Paving Stones – Are They Worth the Investment?

A common myth surrounding black limestone paving slabs is that they fade too quickly to be worth the investment. This is not the case, but it does mean that a bit of maintenance is required over time.

If you are prepared to invest the time and effort in maintaining your black limestone paving slabs, then it will be a worthwhile investment. However, if you are not, then it is best to consider alternatives.

Cost of Installation

Paving stones are a great option for driveways, patios, and pathways. They are incredibly durable and easy to maintain, and they come in an array of colors and designs that can suit any home or landscape.

However, the cost of installing these black paving stone materials can vary widely depending on their size and shape as well as your design preferences. It is best to consult a contractor for an accurate estimate of the costs of your paving project.

If you choose natural stone, the price will depend on the type of stone and the size of the area that needs paved. Natural paving slabs can be made from travertine, limestone, sandstone, and granite.

Although natural stone is expensive, it has many advantages over concrete and other options like gravel. It can be customized to the exact color and design you want, it requires less maintenance than other paving options, and it is highly frost resistant. In addition, it doesn’t crack, flake, or chip, and it will last a lifetime.

Cost of Sealing

The cost of sealing black pavers can vary depending on the size of the area, the type of product used and what look you want. You can choose a wet look, natural luster or invisible sealer.

If you are using a porous material such as concrete, then sealing it helps to prevent the stones from absorbing liquids that can stain them over time. It also preserves the color and protects against mold, mildew and weed growth.

You can apply a sealant by hand or with a spray gun. It is best to use a high quality sealer because it will last longer. You can also dip the stones in sealant prior to laying them if you wish.

Cost of Maintenance

When considering the cost of black pavers, you should also consider the long-term maintenance that is necessary to keep them looking their best. Paving stone is more porous than concrete and may require more frequent cleaning to remove dirt, oil, tire skid marks, rust stains, etc. If the stains are small, they can be eliminated with Alliance Rubber, Paint and Tar Remover or with power washing. However, if the stains are large, they will have to be removed and replaced.

Cambridge Pavingstones are not only durable, but they are also more aesthetically pleasing than concrete and asphalt. They are more affordable to maintain and they do not need repaving as frequently as concrete or asphalt, saving you money in the long run. They are ICPI-compliant and can be used over existing concrete patios and walkways as well as asphalt driveways.

Cost of Replacement

For some, the price of a new driveway or walkway may be a major factor in their decision to use pavers. The cost of black pavers can range from $10-$20 per square foot, and the quality of the material will impact the overall cost of the project. However, it’s important to remember that not all the cheapest options will give you the best value for your money. For example, if you choose the wrong type of paver for your needs, you could end up with a costly repair or replacement in the future. The same goes for concrete. Choosing the right paver is an important part of any home improvement project.

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